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Global Register of Migratory Species migrates!

The Global Register of Migratory Species (GROMS) assessed migratory behaviour for 4,430 vertebrate species, based on more than 5,000 literature references. Results have been published in 2 books with CDs, containing an MS-Access GROMS database, together with more than 1,000 GIS species distribution maps.

This website contains information about GROMS and selected migratory species fact sheets. At present the website is migrated to a Plone content management system in combination with a mySQL database. We will need some time to move all rich content.

Meanwhile we offer the full MS-Access version of the GROMS database for download at ResearchGate

The GROMS book +CD containing shape files is available at

Note that more than 1,000 species distribution maps have been integrated into ZSL,s LEFT tool

In a cooperation with CartoDB, Javier de la Torre animated some whitestork flyways using GROMS Data:

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